We are located in Virginia and create ragdolls all year round

Ragdoll Cats come in different patterns and colors

We produce mostly mink ragdolls, sepias and traditionals. Occasionally, chocolate & lilac ragdolls minks and sepias.

And now producing Cinnamon and Fawn ragdoll kittens, traditional , mink and sepia !




Seal Sepia Rockstar Ragdoll

 Rockstardolls Shelby

Seal Sepia Ragdoll
Chocolate Carrier
HCM -/-

Lilac mink ragdoll

RockstarDolls Lola Love

 Lilac Mitted Mink Ragdoll
 Cinnamon Carrier
HCM -/-

Seal Mink RoackstarRagdolls

Momma Mia

Seal Mink Colorpoint Ragdoll
Cinnamon Carrier
HCM -/-

seal mink ragdoll VA

 Rayne E. Days 
Seal Mink Colorpoint
Chocolate and Dilute Carrier
HCM -/-

cinnamon carrier virginia ragdoll

RockstarDolls Brynn

Blue Mitted Mink
Carries Cinnamon
HCM -/-

seal mink ragdoll virginia

Gina Beana of RockstarDolls

Seal Mink Colorpoint Ragdoll
Chocolate Carrier
HCM -/-

Lilac sepia ragdoll

RockstarDolls Liberty

Lilac Sepia colorpoint
carrying cinnamon
HCM -/-

sepia ragdoll rockstardolls

Pandora of RockstarDolls

Seal Sepia Colorpoint Ragdoll
HCM  -/-


Svetlana of RockstarDolls
Seal Mitted Mink 
Chocolate Carrier
HCM -/-