Mink ragdolls have more color and become darker than a traditional ragdoll. If you see a seal mink ragdoll you will see its a "shade" darker than a seal traditional ragdoll. Mink ragdolls come in a variety of colors and have aqua eye color. We create SEAL Mink ragdolls, BLUE mink ragdolls, CHOCOLATE mink ragdolls, LILAC mink ragdolls, CINNAMON mink ragdolls and FAWN mink ragdolls. And all these colors come even one shade darker and they are called SEPIA ragdolls.

seal mink ragdoll.JPG
seal mitted mink ragdoll
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sealmitted mink ragdoll.JPG
seal mink ragdoll kitten.JPG
Seal Mitted Mink
RockstarDolls minkjagger

seal mink

seal mink ragdoll kitten
Lynx Mink Ragdoll

Mink Ragdoll Kittens and Sepia Ragdolls are Available a Few Times a Year

They go quickly so we have a waiting list

We have Mink Ragdolls and Sepia Ragdolls 

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Rockstardolls Billy Idol
blue mink  ragdoll.JPG

Blue Mink Ragdoll kitten

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blue mink ragdoll.JPG
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Seal Mink Mitted Ragdoll


Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to own a ragdoll cat has probably come away singing the breed’s praises. Indeed, a mink ragdoll kitten is equal parts fluffiness and sweetness, making them almost a perfect pet. Even die-hard dog partisans cannot help but be charmed by the mink ragdoll kitten’s affectionate temperament and luminous aqua eyes. Ragdolls are also larger than many other breeds of housecat, and their average weight ranges between 12-22 lbs. The mink ragdoll is a specific sub-breed of ragdoll cat. Contrary to some rumors, mink ragdolls are indeed purebreds and the breed is officially acknowledged by the SBT (StudBook Tradition) and The International Cat Association. This makes them eligible for cat shows.

blue  lynx sepia ragdoll.JPG

Blue Lynx Sepia Ragdoll Kitten

blue mitted mink.jpg

Blue Mink Ragdoll

Seal Mink Ragdoll

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Mink Ragdoll Kittens Available